One Norwegian Alaskan in Madison.


Hey, remember that DC concert I was so excited about all summer? So that went on the other night. Holy dear good! Kinda odd for it to be in the Seahawks exhibition center, but it was beautiful. Brand New was really good live, but no one can top Sr. Carrabba, can they?

I went down with Sarah and Jenny, two of my favorite girls, and we had a blast getting bruises all over our arms and sides. Fer serious, I was plastered against various guys' backs (and others got to be plastered against me, too...sticky...) for the entirety of the first two sets and part of the third, until we escaped for a few minutes to get something to drink. There was no room to breathe, let alone move our arms.

Security kept on lifting kids up out of the crowd near the metal half-wall barrier when they panicked. Heh, and they were enjoying the hell out of "missing" when they held water bottles over the crowd to pour water into people's mouths. Silly chest can't drink the water you just doused it with...Sadly, we forgot our earplugs, but I'm doing ok with the hearing thing today. But why is everyone whispering?

DC played at least 10-15 songs before coming back on for another 5 song set, including "Teenage Dirtbag". Why did they play this? Still a mystery. But did we all know the words and sing along anyway? Hell yes.

We walked back through the I-District (kinda sketchy) and were only offered random items once, so not bad. And guess who went off and did O Chem when she got back. Me!

An awesome concert, and I think Brand New will be back in November. Bouncing Souls and Further Seems Forever are coming to Graceland (seperately) some time in November, as well, if I remember correctly, and those are pretty much all $10 shows. So guess who's not doing homework anymore?

Oh hey, Mom, I streaked my hair with bright red and it's not coming out for a while :-P Bye!


::whistles:: who wants to call me and leave scary/muffled/threatening/amusing messages on the machine? you do! you don't know my number, do you? hey, if i give it out here, the worst thing to happen would be me getting a scary/muffled/threatening/amusing message from someone i don't know, so why the hell not? (206) 220-8071. There. So call me. Or my machine, rather.

Mmm...covalently bonded jelly beans...


Wow, the last few days have been a pretty strong whirlwind. I got into Seattle on Thursday night and spent a few days with my aunt and uncle (fav. relatives). Saw my grandma and uncle as well, since my grandma's 74th birthday party was there. She even brought her friend/boyfriend Ben. How cool is that? They hike together...and kayak...and lots of other things kids in their 70s don't usually do.

Before the party I went down to the Maple Valley with my aunt to steal Riss' bike (thanks, chica! 's beautiful.) and...umm...we talked about Marissa far more than she would probably like. For more than 30 min straight, at least...but, I like your grandparents, Riss. They're exactly what I picture grandparents to be like.

I moved in on Sunday morning, and over the last day and a half people have been pouring onto the floor. It's pretty much back to normal now. Most of my books have gotten here, but I'm waiting for all my boxes from back home. In them is the warranty to my computer, which is ::ahem:: pretty much dead. I'm hoping to dear god that I'm still under warranty, because otherwise...I have no clue. At least I won't be distracted from doing my homework, right?

Anyway, class starts on Wednesday, and Monday I may know if I get to work in the chem lab making crazy solutions and setting up labs. If not, I'm going to copy Rena and try for a front desk job here in the dorm. Money is looking nice right now. Oh, hey the DC concert is coming up in a few days, so "woot" for that. Doubtless my computer will not be fixed for weeks, so email it is! This is kind of a scary little computer room hidden off the lobby of Campion, but I can see I'll be here often for the coming week or two, at least... ciao!


Hey all! I'm off to the airport in about an hour! So ready to get out of this ice box...I'll be back on the 21st, warm and happy. Mmm...warm...that will be beautiful.


This is for you, Riss. ;-) This just in:

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Hey! That means our teachers were just being anal, not helping us to "invest in our future". And I wasted all that time doing my spelling words. Bloody spelling bee...


And here's to travel agents! I just got back from Palmer with dad, where we (I) purchased my ticket down to jet city and my much loved fightin' jesuits. :D And why am I so happy? Because this ticket is a whole $200 cheaper than any online quote I could find...for the exact same flight! Bam! So I don't have to hitchhike down, at least.


This is for you, Ro. I'm not saying it's the bestest thing ever (oh no, not at all), but how could I let it slip through my fingers knowing your affection for Peeps? It's certainly...unique. Take it as you will. ;-)


Here's to buying international! I'm all for getting my crazy-expensive textbooks online, usually with the help of this great guy, and this time he told me that getting my books from canadia and britain would save me at least $30 more than buying from other places here in the us. How's that for not logical? Ooh, I just found this place, and it looks even more useful than my trusted seeker. If you're in the market for cheap textbooks, go for these guys.


::admits defeat:: ok, you guys were right. so i was planning to get back down to seattle with trucker mike. he's totally willing to let me tag along again, and i reasoned there's no place in the yukon/bc he could randomly be delayed at to mess up my getting to college in time. i didn't think about potential problems with him getting back up here in time to get me, however. he's apparently delayed in wa right now waiting for a load (since running empty is like cutting off your feet) and timing might not work out right for me. dad's currently looking at airfare. if i drive 300 mi north to fairbanks i could fly into portland for $117...and then somehow drive a few hundred miles north again...i'd rather go trucking. i'm crossing my fingers for him to make it back up in time and be willing to head back down immediately. in the mean time, i'm being told to pack up all my stuff so i can be ready to leave within a day's notice or so. this is where having a laptop would be perfect. i'll wait for a while to pack up this box. but once i get there, somehow, everything will be great. can i just skip to being there? it's getting too cold here: 36 F the other morning when i woke up. brr. i don't think i'm an alaska chick any more...


Mmm. That is the sweet taste of free sushi. Free all-you-can-eat sushi. Did I know a place like this existed in Anchorage? Hell no. Otherwise I would be living there.

I went with mom into town and on the way she bought me some cute red shoes :D

...and then took me to sushi heaven with dad.

And then bought me more stuff for school at costco.

And food - she bought me food there too.

And when we got the mail on the way home my paycheck was waiting for me, and will pretty much cover my fare to london en route to accra.

Could it get any better? I don't know, but I'm feeling like a very spoiled little girl right now :D I think I'll just bask for a moment...

Ahhh....ok back to work.


Have added a comments function, thanks to the wonderful people at Enetation. I commandeered another girl's design and bent it to this color scheme, but if you have any suggestions, drop me a thought now that you can. ;-)

If any other blog*spot users desire commenting capability, I recommend these guys above the other three I messed with first. Their offering is the most customizable, unless you want to jump ship and run over to ModBlog. ::whispers:: it confused me too much...

On the other hand, if you're using Blogger, but are hosted on a PHP-friendly site, check out Blogkomm instead. Great style, but needs PHP abilities, sadly. (which being on blog*spot doesn't give me...or you...)

More work will come on this new addition once I get more sleep. ::yawn::

Sophia got on MSN today for the first time all summer! She was at Sarah's house in Port Orchard. I love them both dearly, and soon Sophia's moving to a new apartment, which I want to visit. Only a couple of weeks till I get back to Seattle! ::does a little dance::


Fate, I tell you. :P

Congratulations, you're Seattle, the Emerald City.
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Contrary to popular opinion, Seattle is not as rainy as legend says. It is in fact a charming green jewel with sparkling cerulean water and verdant hills. Its isolation has made it home to free-thinking and independent individuals. Despite having the most millionaires per capita, it still has a small town atmosphere. A small town with lots of coffee that is. Java is an art there. Perhaps it is the coffee that has caused this city to give birth to twisted cartoonists and rock stars.


Since I will soon be far far away from wasilla, I decided to change my aim name. Now I'm malicho84. :D Wasillabum will be no more very soon.


I got some books in the mail for my "American Society and Culture" soc. class this quarter. Yay for! One that I looked forward to the most came - "The Color of Our Future" by Farai Chideya. Everyone has reviewed this book as excellent, and I can only say the first 20 pages are a good start. She's not an outdated professor going on about black/white relations and complexities, but a young multimedia journalist who knows her stuff...and is talking about our age group and all the races/ethnicities included therein. So I'm crossing my fingers that this is a good sign of the class to come.

I googled her because I was curious, and found her blog. Guess what I saw there? This. Read the small print. So good...


Dyed hair. Is dark brown. Looks good - normal. No more highlights for me :o

Rena says she's cool with the apartment idea, so here we go! Now I'll see if Sarah's found anything promising, but there's no rush. We won't be juniors until christmas, anyway. It would be great to move in right before or after I go to ghana. It'll be a big split, because the apartment would change so much everyday stuff.


Ha! Aaahahahahaha...*Gasp* must...breathe...I don't know which one is star, or System of a Down? Can I have both?


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I was on my way to work and just about got to Landscape Supply on the Palmer-Wasilla when one of my tires blew out on me :O I kinda should have known it was coming, but it was still a bit of a shock. Anyway, dad came and rescued me, we put other tires on the crapcar, and now I'm done with my last day of work! Aww yeah! Free! For a few weeks.

The Everclear concert last night was better than we were expecting - not so many people totally gone by the time they got to the gate, and they played the best they could for an outdoor concert. Hehe, ironically the christian concert a few days ago required an ambulance, whereas this one resulted in maybe a broken wrist or two...what's up with those religious people? Hmm...

So these may be the last few days I spend in Alaska for a while, if getting an apartment in Seattle works. Kat has her roomie Kat, and I may have my apartment-mate Sarah (and Rena! where are you?) if we can find a cool/cheap place to rent. So exciting! Then y'all are gonna come out, mmhmm. Hey, I get to sleep in now!


take that, rabid gangsta bitch!

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