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party for one


I got back tonight from an evening out with my relatives. They treated me to a Thai restaurant, fantastic desserts, and all the old family gossip. They even gave me presents! I love my people so much.

As I was getting ready for bed a moment ago I got a little smile on my face. I wonder what my grandmother would say were she to know exactly what she just bought me with that birthday check...

Choices, choices...


listening to: Aphex Twin - Ambient Works II

So far I've found two viable means of working scuba-diving into a real career option. I could:

a) dive for coral reef life (sponges, etc.) and process it for natural products analysis in the lab.*
b) dive for cheese.

It's a tough call.

* This idea jacked from Bobby. After reading so many chem papers, I don't feel right not citing my sources... :P

I've got your milkshake right here...


listening to: Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip

Good: coffee ice cream, my impending adulthood, finally getting a reaction to proceed successfully in the lab (score!)...

Bad: staying in the lab till 8:30 at night, having lost my appetite for anything but carrots, not being able to connect with my best friend because he's as moody and pissed off as I am most the time...

Ugly: not going running for multiple weeks, participating in a Black Sabbath vs. electronic mix music battle in the lab, your mom...

¿Por qué, Dios? ¿Por qué?


listening to: Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabyes to Paralyze

Dear God,

Everything kosher up there? I'd just like to say thanks for whatever stunt you pulled to piss off Mother Nature so badly. You remember all those weird hangover symptoms I've been getting the last few days? (You must have heard me...I kept muttering your name...) Yeah. Turns out that was PMS in physical form. Dude. I've never even had cramps before, and now she lays light sensitivity and dehydration on me? Just saying you must have royally fucked up. Way to share the love.

- pissed. and in need of chocolate.

Look who decided to show her face again!


listening to: MF Doom - Operation Doomsday

Good God, people! Where the hell did I go? I'm just shy of two months under official MIA status. Sorry about that. Since the start of June a wee bit has happened...

I wrapped up my junior year at SU pretty damn well - no more O Chem, no more Instrumental Analysis, and only one more core class left. Next year is all biochem, more physical chem, microbiology, genetics, and some advanced inorganic chem. I'm getting excited just listing it all off...

Right after finals I said goodbye to my two lovely housemates and hello to three new ones for the summer. Last summer was a crazy merry-go-round of four different people in three months, but this time we're good for the whole stretch. They're all awesome, sweet, and independent. It helps to finally be living with a guy again - all my girls are chill, but too much estrogen makes me feel crowded and like I want to chew my arm off to escape.

I was just getting to know each of them and vice versa - between the four of us we've got science nerds, quasi-nerds, partiers, and chillers - when my Epic Roadtrip to the Frozen North came around!

At some point in the last few months Sarah and I thought it would be cool to drive up to Alaska for a few weeks and go crazy. We kept bringing it up as a "wouldn't it rock if...?", but this one morphed into a "hey, Chris is down with the trip and he has a car, so...", and then into a "when do we leave?". Sadly, it continued with a "hey, Chris can't come because he's got committments in Idaho", but was rescued by a very generous "hey, my parents have offered up their car for the beating" on Sarah's part. So two girls just off the finals crunch and one donated car combined into an awesome adventure. I still haven't developed all my 35mm photos, but I'll throw them up soon.

In the mean time digital is all you get. Here're a few shots for your viewing pleasure:
Sarah grew up in more temperate climes with vast quantities of non-frozen water, and so was unprepared for the instant tongue-to-ice bond that forms when attempting to lick a glacier...

Thank god for the ice monster, who rushed out of her little ice cave so ferociously that Sarah's tongue quickly freed itself out of abject fear!
This was a super-tall ice monster, too! So tall that her sasquatch brother could only look on in resignation, knowing that he'd never be that tall...unless he stood on a log too...
The ice monster was pretty damn happy to have such awesome company, so she promised not to make many more scary zombie least at night...
Those are the shots for the night, but here's a sweet teaser for later: we got stalked by a grizzly during a backpacking trip in Denali National Park! Everyone I've verbally interacted with since returning (unscathed) from the trip has heard this tale in full, in at least one of its multiple forms, but now you get to too. Feeling lucky yet?
At this point I feel like cocknballs, so peace out. I've been waking up the last three days in a row with a pounding headache, light and noise sensitivity, and major dehydration, so I feel like shit. I'd call it a hangover, but I haven't had a drink in a week. It's got to be some form of the flu, and it's taking its sweet-ass time about it. That, or I accidentally ate some of the compound I'm synthesizing in my lab.

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