One Norwegian Alaskan in Madison.


Lab rotation three is at the halfway point and going well. More synthesis!

Final lab requests are due in a week, with a looong (10 day) wait before our labs are assigned.

Thanksgiving was very cool in that I got to visit Kat in St. Paul. Not cool in that I was studying for an exam the whole time. She was a good sport about it.

Took the exam this morning and feel pretty good about it. Should look into new study habits - sleep is good. My current habits don't factor that in.

Am feeling a little homesick for Seattle right now, especially since they have a freakish cold streak and snow, while I have mid 50s and rain.

Dad's coming to visit this weekend, which means lots of fun and new restaurants. Sweet.

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  • I was raised in Alaska, am the shortest person in my family, and I can wiggle my ears.
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