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Why yes, a cuppa really would hit the spot...


Bah! Tis cold outside. I sense the beginning of a trend here. Some might call it "fall".

Instead of venturing outside, I advise reading this and having a good laugh. And then perhaps implementing a few of the well-intentioned suggestions. Now that I think about it, my Platypus hiking water bladder would be ideal for Suggestion #7 ... just top off and elevate.

Kathleen moves in tomorrow morning bright and early, for which I'm infinitely grateful. The degree of bachelorettehood I slip to when I live by myself is impressive, and needs to be curtailed. Really, the floor wasn't meant to double as my closet. Nor should the dishes in the sink be giving rise to new life.

I blame the cold, personally. It makes me want to hole up in sweats and fluffy socks with a fleece blanket and my internet, ignoring everything save the cat. All I want to do is eat bread products and listen to Madonna and Molotov, a weird combination on a warm day.

The next few days should shock me out of my semi-stupor: with Kathleen coming on Friday, Rena moving in this weekend, and Lindsey moving into her new apartment and stopping by on Sunday, I'll be rousted out just in time for classes to begin on Wednesday. I should buy my books, eh? But first I shall set about on a few minor tasks:
  1. make like I do the dishes, and scrub
  2. clear off Rena's bed so she can...umm...have room to sleep there
  3. remove all evidence of our libation-friendly lifestyle here for the sake of Kathleen's parenthood
  4. brave the rain to go check out the new (to me) postmodern library downtown

Right then, I've got it all planned out. Cheers!

Word associations


  1. Self-esteem:: proud
  2. Migraine:: ouch head hurt
  3. Phoebe:: moon. no wait, that's Phobos.
  4. Nervous:: jittery
  5. Punctual:: rigid
  6. Liver damage:: cirrosis
  7. Legal disclaimer:: installing a new program
  8. Reverend:: that robe they wear
  9. Supple:: skin
  10. Binder:: class starts in a week. gah!

Famous dead guys


*cracks up* I swear this is what I heard:

*phone rings*
Me: hello?
Phone: *static*
Me: hello?
Phone: Oh...Is this Watson Crick? It isn't, is it?
Me: ........what?
Phone *click*
Me: *hangs up...and cracks up*

I mean, "Watson Crick"? I think they're in my basement somewhere...

*strokes imaginary beard contemplatively*

To post or to read? Aye, there's the rub. I've got so many books on the figurative table right now, all just begging for a read. Let's see:

  • There's Children of the Mind, which will finish out the direct Ender's Game series that I've been slowly going through all summer. I owe it to Rachel to finally catch up with her so we can both exclaim at length about his genius and general wiggity wack imagination.
  • But what about Madeline L'Engle's books I just picked up? Now I've got A Wrinkle in Time, along with A Wind in the Door and A Swiftly Tilting Planet. All three from my long lost childhood and worth at least three more reads.
  • Or there's Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man, which I'm slowly sipping right now. It's delicious in small doses. Thank you, Jack, for the introduction.
  • Then there's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I must in all smartness not admit that I have not yet read...
  • And we can't forget the fabulously entertaining Richard P. Feynman's anecdotal books I got in Tacoma because I started them back at home when my father's library was available, only to have now relegated them back to the shelf. Bah!
  • And then there's the Bible. A must read for everyone, me included, if only for its rather overt presence in...oh, our Society. I still have yet to get through Genesis, though I could tell you a bit about the book of Ruth (it's my middle name, see...). Seriously, I'd like to sit down and read it all in some manner, whether it takes me a year or two or however long. It's just that getting started part that I'm still working on.

So I have all these options and now must be decisive. I therefore decide that it's Bradbury up first, followed by Children of the Mind, and the rest can jockey for third if they're up for it. Let me know if you've got any special ties to any of these books. All of which will be read by the time school starts in ten days, of course. Let the fun begin!

Good golly, swiss miss!


I've got too many Gmail invitations to think, and you want one! Just email me...

Hellooo September...


What a perfectly lovely name for a month. Much better than Febtober. Or Manuary.

It's been a damn long time since I've stared at this screen, gracias a dios, but what with Tovin poking me incessantly over there on the right, I thought it would be about time to say hi.

I've been busy (so very, very busy) taking it easy since O Chem choked on its final breath. That's right, I slew it. In a move akin to The Bride drawing the Hattori Hanzo sword from its sheath in slow motion, I readied myself for the final showdown with the beast by talking with a friend till the wee hours in Bannan and threatening the white board into submission. It all resulted in a delicious 98% on the final and a whole month of RnR for me. Ahh...

It's been great this summer, really, even when O Chem was still alive. I made some good friends and kept my brain up and running enough that I'm still using most of it on a weekly basis. I acquired a new roommate (yes, this is numero 4) a few hours after my final exam and spent two weeks learning how to pronounce the damn umlauts above vowels in German. She's pretty cool. She also goes back to the Motherland in a few weeks. :-/

Martin and Tovin have been over rather a lot for the entire summer, which has resulted in...a Star Trek Marathon! I love the early years of bad acting and cool special effects. We just got done with Bumbershoot weekend as well, zee German and I just yesterday took a holiday in Vancouver with my aunt and uncle, and the lovely Saralita is back in town! Rachel and I were planning to run off into the woods with her for three days, beginning today, but I've heard nothing out of them so far. I should go check on that. I'll talk to you later. Take care!


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