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Happy post-Thanksgiving Day euphoria, everyone! I hope your collective stupors wore off as quickly as mine. My quick rebound let me rise at the ungodly hour of 5:30 this morning to join Uncle Tony for a wee bit of American Consumerism Redux. I came away with a coffee maker and toaster for $9 together (together!), a pair of shoes, some socks, and some batteries. No one says my purchasing department is impractical...nor inefficient. I was back in bed and asleep with a full belly of greek omlette by 9:00.

On top of that, I came back from my aunt and uncle's with a free food processor, a travel mug, some lovely leftovers, and various White Elephant Bingo prizes. It's like Christmas, but without the wrapping paper and bows. My aunt and uncle are so generous - if they don't need something and hear that I could use it, it ends up in my hands. It's not their sole way of showing love, just one of them, and I'm thankful that they're so willing to donate to the Appliance Fund of Sarah. I wouldn't be able to make my own coffee and hummus without them, and then where would I be? Tired and hungry, that's right.

I'd love to hear your Thanksgiving stories when you get back. As for me, I spent the day with my aunt and uncle at grandma Post's house. The Posts are a big clan of hyperactive Seattlites that my family has known for 70 years or so. Seriously. Grandma Post and my Grandma have been friends since they were five, and holiday hosting duties bounce around between Posts and Slausons each year. As always, a good time was had by most and the turkey was delicious. If only there were more wine...

Alright, it's time for a long-anticipated multi-movie sensory overload starring none other than my favorite Jack and the discerning man's favorite: Alien (and all three of the sequels. Yes, all three.) Take care and have a good night, everyone.



Happy Election Day! That is all.

Except that I'm really excited about the research I'll be starting next quarter.

And the commentators (analysts, whatever) for this election are inane. Almost as vacuous as American football commentators. Do we need to be told that the quarterback has the ball and is running very, very fast? No. Do we need to be told that record turnouts at the polls are creating longer lines than usual? Also no. The assumption by many that we do, however, may partially explain why Bush is leading in both the electoral and the popular votes. And why he just won Ohio. Damn.

I hear Vancouver has some good schools.

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