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Bah! A pox on you and your devilry, oh internet!

It's that time again. Finals are nigh. Indeed, I have one sitting in front of me right now. I've responded to the added workload in the usual fashion - I downloaded a free version of Worms: Armageddon.

Sadly, the poor thing can't handle my extra crazy OS...some call it Windows evidenced by a complete freeze up while trying to grenade an unsuspecting worm. During the unfreezing (and before downloading the patch), what was I to do? Lab write ups? Case study...studying? Nay! It seemed imperative that I fix my keyboard. Not only was the left alt key frozen, but so were the tilde and the 1/! keys. I haven't been able to exclaim in at least a month! (Note the excess of exclamations in this post as proof.) With mini-screwdrivers and X-acto knife in hand, I reestablished myself as Fix-It Girl, and now am reveling in punctuation bliss. No more ALT + 0135 for me. Hell, that didn't even work in AIM, much less SU's email.

Coming up:
  • groveling for going AWOL this month
  • a recap of May's highlights, including:
  • Rena's wedding!
  • Kat's visit
  • The Shins concert
  • improv at the Open Circle Theatre
  • impending new roommates!
  • kickass, smelly summer research
  • (really funny) chemistry jokes!
  • plans for a roadtrip to the Frozen North with Saralita and Chris!

And on that note, cheers.

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