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How could I forget to put this in?! I went over to Sophia's house with the girls (my Ro, Pilar, Emma, and Bronwyn) for an awesome sleepover/beautiful dinner Saturday night, and it couldn't have been better. We had a salmon fillet, wild rice, veggies sauteed with garlic, and sweet rolls toasted in the oven. Mmm. Oh yeah, she has a formal dining room including candles and a chandelier! The only thing i missed having there was either a) my boy (which doesn't work with it being a girly sleepover and all...) or b) having a really great girly talk about our boys with Ro and Saralita (who couldn't make it, sadly). I love all the girls, but they're not my confidantes, so we had to just be crazy and have pillow fights/watch movies instead. Ever seen "The Assignment"? Didn't think so. It's kinda odd. But good. Go check out Zero Effect, too. Who doesn't like Ben Stiller?


Hey there! So it's only been a week since I last proved I'm alive and kicking, but the peanut gallery is growing all restless on me. What's up with that? Just because I'm not communicating at all, is that it? Hehe...ok, sorry. Here you go:

So I've been trying to keep my head above water and so far it's working...for the most part. I haven't even been talking to the parenthood much lately, due to my "dear god i don't have time" problem. Because of the whole homework thing, I've mostly been hanging out with my physics boys (and Katie, who's the other girl in our group) all the time, as Ro can attest, because Phys is just that bastardly. I don't know what I'm doing tonight...there's a party, or I might go to a restaurant/movie/walk broadway with some friends. I'll figure that out when I figure out what I'm going to dress up as. But we put weird cobweb stuff all over the door, so we're kind of in the spirit already! Ro is off for the weekend with her James and crew as of a bit ago, so now I'm all by my lonesome and shall get done a crapload of stuff so I can have fun tonight. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it, dammit.



Why I don't see the need for drugs

Have a good day!


I've been co-opted from my lab writeup yet again! Damn my pseudo-ADD. I shake my fist at it!

You are "Bowl of Oranges". You see life
to more than what most people do and you
genuinely care about people. You feel art and
music is the sure way of lifting your spirits.
You wish others could have appreciation like
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Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
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*Adviso: This is a very brooding post. If you are not in the mood to read such a thing, please skip over this. If it's right up your alley, do comment on how silly/whatever you think I am being. I like comments!*

So Ro and I have decided we're both just too "selfish/independent/not yet into sharing that much of our time/selves with a guy" to keep on with the relationships our guys/former guys are/were wanting. Yes, I use/enjoy slashes way too much. :P

Anyway, why are the guys being the emotional needy serious ones? Why?! Can't we just say "Hey we like each other, let's hang out and mess around" without going for the "Wow you're amazing, I'll love you forever" part? Too soon, dammit! How about, "I only met you a week ago"? Though were I to pick a guy to fall hard for...mmm. But not after one week! And I don't know that I want to start over and try it again much slower with him.

There's too much going on here to pick up the center of my life and make it a guy. I'm paying too much money here to get all distracted and co-opted by a boy. Or is that stupid? If he's able to do that to me, shouldn't that be worth chasing a bit? Bah! Don't know. Have too much other stuff taking up all my thinking power to devote much brain to that question.

Ok, this is where I let this sit and age a bit. This is also where you comment and tell me what you think of my silliness. To my O Chem lab writeup...


Whew. So I made it through my first O-Chem test this morning. Suspiciously, it seemed to go really well. I say this because I was reading some of the material for the first time 30 min before it started. Yet the exam was evenly balanced between different concepts, so there was no single place to lose all your points and royally fuck yourself over. That raises little ringing alarms in the back of my head. Chem tests don't work this way. Their entire purpose is to screw you! In the hall we came to the conclusion that Spyridis will probably give no partial credit, allowing the test ample ability to rape and pillage where it may. But until I find out for sure, I'm going to spend the weekend on a little cloud of suspended disbelief. And I will bask there. In a side note, I got my first phys test back this morning, and am amazed/amused at the outcome: My 45/83 points became a 45/68 with the wonderful curve we received, which gave me a 66%. The great part? A "B" in Physics is 65-85%. Aww yeah, I scored a B- on my first test! And yet I don't know 50% of what I should, evidently. Mmm...I loves my college classes...but now I've got a clean slate in both classes as far as a backlog of homework goes, so I'm going to do homework like a bestia and kill the next tests. After soc, that is. Right, I have a third class. I should probably start turning things in for that class...hmm...


I'm still alive! Sort of...but am currently buried under a mountain. Will post more when I have freed myself. On the up side, I leave at 5 tomorrow evening for a spanish retreat at a cabin on the peninsula by a lake. It has a tree swing! Until we get back on sunday, we can only speak spanish, so I'll let you know how that goes. Sadly, I've already planned how to get some physics homework and an o chem prelab done while "relaxing" at the cabin. Compulsive, perhaps, except I really have no choice. And that is the sad part. Wish me luck! Or sanity. That would be good as well.


mmph. three hours sleep not good. on top of four hours last night. what am i doing? damn physics. and chemistry, too. if we had no chemistry, i would not stay up so late.

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