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It's playtime!


Lacking much to say that doesn't involve whinging about my workload, I've decided it's time to play a game. It's called "Let's Amuse Sarah...and distract her from her work..." and you play by pasting whatever's in your cut/paste buffer into my comments. Here, I'll go first:

A technological upgrade to the 21st century...


Rachel's here! So is my dad! It's a meeting of my favorite people all at once. Dad flew in Wednesday on his way to a "business trip" in Vegas and came over Friday night to fetch me for a family dinner up at my Grandma's house in Ballard. We had a good mini-reunion and some German wine, so all were happy and deliciously sleepy. When I got home Kathleen was in the middle of Sneakers so I lay down on my bed with some homework and the best of intentions...and woke up at 4 the next morning still in my clothes. Huh. How did that happen? Kathleen's a sweetie for turning out my light.

I coerced my dad into helping me procure some furniture to replace what Rena will repo during her exodus to Podunkville and generally had fun bumming around with my dad. We happened to stop by a CompUSA on the way back to satisfy his inner geek and came out with a new motherboard and 160 gig hard drive for me. 160! I'm loathe to admit it, but that's quadruple what I've had in my computer for the last two years. Yes, my computer is two years old. Silence, you. 160 GB! It's like going from a size 8 to a size 20. What will I do with all the extra room? You could fit another person in pants that size. Land sakes alive! Think of all the porn critically acclaimed films I could put on there! I must get crackin' some sleep, so off I go. Cheers!

P.S. Rachel is here. I mentioned that. She'll be here till Thursday, in which time I mean to exhaust both her patience with looking at Ghana photos and counting to ten in Twi. She and I had some quality bird vomit and goat time, as per doctor's orders. An apple a day and all that...

Baseball's not dead yet?



I just happened to be passing through a delightful site on my way to meet up with my lab writeup, and I had to stop to regain my breath after laughing so hard. Enjoy:

Amusing Quote #1:

bunsen_tv_feed: All I Have to say about Game 7 is this: God must be setting up the Red Sox for a fairly spectacular tragedy in the World Series. A sweep? No, it's got to be bigger than that. A seventh-game loss on a bases-loaded walk, followed by the flaming Goodyear Blimp crashing onto the Fenway grass? And the cursed dirigible just so happens to be filled with plague-infected weasels trained to attack scarlet hosiery? Yes, that sounds like the kind of plan my God's got cookin' in the beanpot.

Amusing Quote #2:

Who in their right mind is NOT rooting for Astros/Red Sox World Series?C'mon. Texas/Massachusetts double header. We'll schedule the final game for the election night and Cheney will mud-wrestle Edwards in the stands. It's as close as we can get to an actual 2nd Civil War with all the fun of random rioting and none of the expense of the artillery. Also there are seldom if ever hot dogs during the civil war. --doqz

And my favorite, Amusing Quote #3:

To: Yankee "Nation"

Cc: New York Yankees players, management, front-office

We would like to put for the following as terms of your complete and unconditional surrender:

1. That we are, forever after, awarded the status of "Your Daddy."

2. That if we should ever hear one of you blithely chant "1918," we can respond with a rousing cheer of either "2K4" or "three-and-oh." Because each spelled your abject downfall.

3. That any fans that want to switch sides will be welcomed with open arms as converts who've seen the light.

4. That 85 years of pain have nothing to do with our current challenges, no matter how much you think they should.

5. That smugness is hereafter punishable by absolute and ceaseless derision.

Enjoy the winter meetings in Tampa. We await your reply.


Red Sox Nation


Photos from far and away!


It's 1 in the morning and time is not on my side as far as finishing homework goes, but in honor of Rachel's imminent departure to Ghana, here're a few picures of my short 3 weeks there over Christmas 2003:

Nicole and I sitting next to a cannon on the outer wall of Elmina Castle in Cape Coast, with nothing but the Atlantic Ocean between us and Antarctica. After a good swim, that is.

Duane (right) is from Tennessee, and happens to be a mad morter mixin' machine. Local pronounciation would have me say "mohtah", and not morter as previously assumed - v. sorry about that.

Bobby (S. Carolina) and Stacy (Illinois?) are two of the best brick-laden-cart pullers I've ever met. I decided this after many, many time trials. Also, those landcrete blocks are deceptively innocent-looking. Do not be fooled. Not only do they each weigh approximately one standard ton, they also toy with your emotions as you realize that yet another potential piece of a house has just up and crumbled in your hands. Damn bricks.

Did I mention that Bobby's also handy with a trowel? No? Well, check out the delightfully smooth mohtah in that utility block. See what I mean?

Michael is the one sitting on the front of the cart, after somehow convincing the other guy to push him. He's my favorite person from our village, and the one I miss the most.

Ha! I'm not done yet... This is just a cool portrait of a family in the village with Nicole. Having their pictures taken was one of the major pastimes of the people we met in Habitat village.

This photo gets to come in because this is a wedding party! No, really! The shortest man in the suit and tie just got married to the woman on the left. We didn't get to see their wedding (though we saw another), but we definitely heard them when they got back to the village. On a side note, if the groom were to remove his shirt and tie, you all would be picking up your jaws after seeing how ripped that guy is. He may be small, but he's mighty. The guy to his right, in the stylish morning garb du jour is Joseph, our main contact in the village. Second from the right, with the attitude oozing out his pores, is Ousu. He's a wee bit of a player, one could say...but he sings really well.

Alright, last call. This is a lovely sunrise over our village, Habitat, right outside of Konongo, Ghana. This was one of our last days in the village before we drove on to Cape Coast and then to Accra to fly to London and home. The canopy in the distance is part of the jungle that spreads out for a ways in our part of the country. We didn't go in there because there are snakes thereabouts. We didn't want to die.

Hark! I hear the muted strains of Impending Doom...


Heroine: [chokes, struggling for air]

My kingdom for a calibration curve...

[twists around, recognizes assailant]

Et tu, QuantCo?

[slumps over. expires]

QuantCo: [chuckling maliciously]

You failed the Q test! Failed!
Looks like you're one too many standard
deviations from what I like to call "alive".

[end scene. exit Quantco stage left]


::in a little girl's voice::

Umm...hi. I'm sowwy I haven't been around much, but I hafta do homework and stuff. They keep telling me to do all these things, and it's hard! But I'm hiding out in the language lab, uhh, in da liberry, and I don't think they can find me here. I hope not.

So about these polls that keep popping up, portending the possiblity of an "Election 2000: Part Deux"...are they serious? Are half the pollees really going to vote for Bush? Are they crazy? Do they not remember the last four years? Can they not imagine the next four years if they turn into 51% (or better yet, 49% with all the necessary electoral votes...)?

Here's my dream list of what I'm looking for in my President:
  1. Intelligence.
  2. Good will. In general.
  3. Good will toward other people on this planet, not just those in this country.
  4. Good will toward science. And money toward it too.
  5. The ability to speak more than one language, cause this country is multilingual, ya know...
  6. An awareness of what has gone on, what is going on, and what is likely to go on.
  7. A willingness and sense of obligation to reevaluate him/herself and their beliefs/actions every so often.
  8. A value of responsible, intelligent flexibility rather than "consistency", which can be frighteningly close-minded, especially when combined with the conviction that one cannot possibly be wrong.
  9. A surname that doesn't lend itself so easily to bad jokes. And a record that doesn't encourage me to enjoy those jokes so much.

Arr! It's so easy to bob about in my little Seattle bubble. Where are you, Bush supporters? Speak! Tell me why I should reconsider my position. Argue your side. Hello? Where are you, 49%?

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