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Hello again. Fancy meeting you in a place like this... ;-) My bags are packed and I'm ready to go, but he came to me instead of the way the song goes, and I'm going to miss him so much over break. We only see each other randomly now, even though we live right on top of each other, and I blame finals/our masochistic urges to get our homework and other crap done. Knowing that there's a three week stretch where I'm guaranteed not to be with him is pretty depressing, though. I feel centered when I'm with him, and that makes all the frusteration about our stupid outside responsibilities go away beautifully. Ok, I'll cut it out. :-P But just to let you know, I kinda like this am going to run off to Africa and when I get back...*stalls*...*ahem* well, I get to move into our new apartment, too! ;-) Yay! Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo, mis amigos! Paz.


doop doop I'm sitting here waiting for a cd to burn before I go back up to 12th floor to study more orgo, and I had a thought. "Why not prove I'm still alive on my almost-muerte blog?" So here I am, one test down, a paper written, and only an orgo massacre on Friday to attend. My visa to Ghana came the other day (yes, I am that good of a procrastinator!), we've moved some stuff into our kickass apartment right across the street, and while I should be feeling the terror for not having yet read two chapters of orgo with only two days left till the test, I'm remarkably calm. Perhaps this is because I'm too dimwitted to realize how much shit i'm in. Or perhaps I've just realized that it won't help me any to stress. I vote number two. It makes me feel more in control and less of a moron. I check out of the dorms Saturday, catch a plane to London Sunday, and meet up with my group to fly to Ghana in Heathrow on Monday. I'll be back on Jan 2nd much redder, stronger, and so ready for a hamburger. But the first thing to do when I get back? A bubble bath in our very own bath tub! I haven't had a bubble bath in years...mmm...the cd is done, and so am I for the moment. I wish you all kickass luck on your finals! Paz...


AHHHHH! Guess who just got out of their housing contracts! I'm so very very happy right now! I think I may have annoyed a few people with the jumping up and down, but we get our apartment! And we didn't even tell Crazy Cat Lady we were having problems, so now we can just pretend we never did, and move on with other things to stress about. Like finals. And finals.

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