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Speaking in bubbles


I've just this week discovered the wonders of Word's reviewing toolbar.

How can I adequately convey the editing simplicity achieved by this tool? My professor emailed me an edited copy of my research proposal, in which he had gone all out and showed off his Word skills: there were margin bubbles marking additions, deletions, as well as colored/underlined passages to highlight the new additions. This was very impressive.

I was completely sold, however, when I went to make some more changes of my own. My additions showed up not in the underlined red of my professor, but in a lovely, calm blue. To make things better, hovering over a highlighted phrase brought up a bubble with the name of the editor responsible for that change. How rockin' is that?

But wait, there's more!

In addition to tracking old deleted segments in margin bubbles, the reviewing toolbar gave me the option to view the document in four different modes: original, original with markup, final, and final with markup. It's so beautiful! Before choosing whether to accept or decline any of the possible changes made, I could view the document sans all the eye-catching bubbles. No commitment, hassle-free.

I think my inner editor is in love.

Just another manic monday...


As I sat in Quant today wrestling the cumulative final for domination of my soul, I was hit by a succession of old memories. The cause? The guy sitting next to me was wearing the same...something...that a guy I used to know always wore. My sense of smell can thus be blamed for my taking so long to finish the damn test.

Welcome to Ottowa, sir. Please follow me.


In an unforseen development, the US was reminded that it does not, in fact, have 51 states as the entity of Canada asserted its sovereignty on Monday.

In related news, Bush has removed Canada from his list of "Top Ten Spring Break Destinations for Presidental Cabinet Members". He also declared Canadian beef to be "far chewier" than US beef.

Day to day


Hello world. What's going on? I feel like I've been living for nothing but deadlines the past month or two. I've been getting things done at the last minute for the entire quarter and can't seem to step it up. Preparing for projects, labs, homework discussions, it's all a run-on sentence punctuated only by moments of shear panic right before the deadline. News comes via le BBC with bright colors and cheery accents, but little discussion. Things are going by so fast around here - I'm getting ready for Mexico (with Esperanza), Kathleen's working on going to Thailand in March (with Engineers Without Borders) and Rena's planning her trip to the moon (some might say "altar") in May. It's crazy! Here's what it feels like:

Activities Performed This Quarter in Order of Perceived Time Alloted

  1. studying/homeworking
  2. avoiding studying/homework while appearing to be studying/homeworking
  3. preparing to begin studying/homework
  4. thinking about food
  5. preparing food
  6. eating food
  7. sleeping
  8. having fun

Here's to only 4 lecture days left! May they pass slowly enough to allow coherent thought.

Sexy:: confident
Clique:: exclusive
Pledge:: lemony fresh
Carbs:: Atkins. Dead.
Dream Job:: pilot
Sweeps:: dustbunnies
Soundtrack:: Fiddler on the Roof
Hero:: biiig sandwich
Shave:: silky smooth
Christina:: Ricci. Morbid.

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